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Personal Medical History for Acne – Men

This test and the assessment are completed based on International Medical Standards.

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1.Which area(s) have acne and is going to be treated?

Please specify:

2. Description of lesions

3. Skin type

4. Could it be inherited (do your parents have or had acne)?

5. At what age was the onset of acne?

6. Have you received topical treatment in the past?

7. Have you received oral medications in the past?

8. Do you have a history of photosensitivity?

9. Do you use any acne treatment at the moment?

10. Do you use cleansing/cosmetic products for acne-prone skin?

According to medical confidentiality, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of medical and personal information entrusted to us and these data will not be published or otherwise used apart from the purposes of this assessment.

Bibliography / Sources
Acne Management in Three Steps
  1. Get informed about the available treatment options
  2. Follow the appropriate treatment for you
  3. Avoid habits leading to acne recurrence
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